How much does it cost?

The Running Endurance Challenge is included with your Ocala Runner’s Club Membership!

How do I know I’m registered for the Running Endurance Challenge?

All 2017 Runner’s Club members are automatically part of the Running Endurance Challenge. If you wish to opt out of the Challenge please e-mail Darrin DeTorres at

Is there a minimum age to register for the Running Endurance Challenge?

No, the youngest category is 6 and under.

Does my entry into the REC include entry into all local races?

No, you must register for each REC race separately. Visit race websites on previous page.

Can I get a refund of my race entry?

Entry fees are non-refundable

If I join the Ocala Runners Club (ORC), am I automatically registered for the REC?

ABSOLUTELY, that is why we are doing it.

What is included in my Ocala Runners Club membership?

Membership into the ORC includes an ORC shirt, discounts to a variety of local races (see membership page for more details:, entry into the REC, and access to the members only page!

When does the REC begin?

It already started with the Ocala Marathon. We will post more details in the coming days!

Is there a pace requirement for the series?

There is no pace requirement for the challenge. But, please visit each participating REC race to view their individual requirements.

Is the series walker friendly?

Please visit each individual race for requirements.

When and where are the overall and division awards given out?


What types of awards and prizes are going to be awarded?


How are the points awarded?


What if there is a tie?


Where will the Series standings be posted?


Can I volunteer to help at any participating REC race?

 Please contact each participating REC race director to inquire about volunteers.

What is the best way to contact the REC if I have additional questions?

Please send an email to or leave your question on our Facebook page.



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